M(ovie)ad Men: Bob Peak

Posted in Uncategorized by Meg on August 17, 2008

An internet pastime of mine is perusing various movie poster websites with updates on recently released posters of upcoming films and international versions of old films. While I imagine one day becoming rich enough to purchase my favorites to line the walls of my home theater, for now, I settle for saving the images on my hard drive and rotate hanging them on my Desktop. I’ve always wanted to know the masterminds behind the designs of my favorite posters and this is an opportunity to highlight, outside of the Key Art Awards and other industry celebrations, the works of individuals and companies. Though I don’t know if I can keep this series up as much as my colleague Joie with TGIFF, the reward of having a single place to look at a series of pretty pictures does fit my low attention span.

M(ovie)ad Men 1: Bob Peak

Born in Colorado and raised in Kansas, Bob Peak rose to the scene in the 1960s as a commercial illustrator. Like many ad men of the time, at least as told by a certain popular television show, Peak entered the scene after serving for the military during the Korean War. Starting of as an artist of an ad agency creating illustrations for Old Hickory Whiskey and covers for Sports Illustrated, he later was called upon by United Artists to do artwork for West Side Story. Though the signature poster for the film was done by Saul Bass, Peak work was still used for album covers and other smaller ads for the film. Enough talking – let the pretty pictures begin.


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  1. Joie said, on August 18, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    Purti Purti Pictures…finally, “someone else besides Saul Bass” retrospective, especially those last two posters.
    Is this the real life Salvatore Romano of Sterling-Cooper?

  2. auggie said, on August 29, 2008 at 6:44 am

    Bob Peak is one of my favorite illustrators. In fact, back in college ( Fine Arts, major in Advertising Arts, University of Santo Tomas, Manila Philippines ) I used to ape his style. I had also those giant movie posters of 2oth Century Fox that decorated the wall of my room, by Bob (Our ManFlint, In Like Flint, and Modesty Blaise). I also collected his ads on magazines like his series on 7UP soda pop, and illustrations in REDBOOK, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, BOYS LIFE etc.
    I think you could still get a freebie of Bob Peak portfolio on movies from MOHAWK PAPERS ( Cohoes NY). They’re great and suitable for framing. They are all there: HAIR, FUNNY GIRL, EXALIBUR, WESTSIDE STORY, CAMELOT, MY FAIR LADY, MISSOURI BREAKS, APOCALYPSE NOW (Two Illustrations)etc.

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