YouTune Part Two: Exit Music (For a Film)

Posted in Uncategorized by Meg on June 20, 2008

There are a handful of bands whose music lends itself easily to current cinema.  Radiohead is perhaps near the top, if not the top.  With two songs with titles that infer a connection of their music to the silver screen and Jonny Greenwood’s most recent stint as composer for There Will Be Blood,  Thom Yorke & Company have been recognized for their ability to create an ambient type of music that is still memorable and distinguishable, i.e. Pure Moods but with great words and melodies.  What is particularly interesting with this week’s selection are the similarities in tone and editing between the music video and the film scene.


Happily Ever After – Charlotte meets Johnny at the Virgin Store





L’auberge espagnole – Romain walks around Paris

“No Surprises”


Honorable Mentions/Moments that are not on YouTube that I cannot upload because I am on probation for uploading a copyright clip of the OC where Caitlin walks out and Kelis’ “Bossy” plays:

Roswell, “Max in the City” – “How to Disappear Completely”

Nip/Tuck, “Frankenlaura” – “Everything in its Right Place”

Romeo + Juliet – “Talk Show Host” and “Exit Music (For a Film)”

and more.




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  1. Joie said, on June 20, 2008 at 5:27 am

    Paul Rudd as an astronaut dancing with Claire Danes, hahaha, it’s all coming back to me nooooowwwwww.

    ‘Tis sad about No Bossy in youtubeland. Where’s the justice?

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