He[ART]@SF: Reverse Graffiti

Posted in Uncategorized by Joie on June 18, 2008

The HeART@SF series is dedicated to the hardworking men and women who dare to change a foggy city into a cozy home without sacrificing you + me in the process.

Englishman and American met up and had a Green-conscious plan.

Their mission was simple: remove dirt using intricate stencil patterns and high-pressure pumps.

Overlooked con: Much like the rampant gentrification spreading like wildfire through the city’s districts, the art of making reverse graffiti follows the same guidelines: it requires the dirty grime as the base in order to exaggerate the beauty of whatever is affixed/removed from it afterwards. It must have the final look of possessing a wealth of unkempt history, of justified violence, of tension between the Sharks and the Jets, only succumbing to the discipline of immaculate hygiene because of increased urbanization and pollution. Just one marker of authenticity is all one needs. “I don’t want to live in these new high-rises, but they’re better than living in old snobby Richmond,” I would repeat over and over at yesterday and tomorrow’s boho dinner parties. Hold the Whole Foods brie, we only have Trader Joe’s gouda!

The Broadway Tunnel best viewed on foot, not bikes/skateboards.


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