YouTune Part One: Dancing With Myself

Posted in Uncategorized by Meg on June 13, 2008

Upon looking at my “Most Played” playlist on my iTunes, I realized that in the past month the top songs on the list are songs that caught my aural attention because I had heard it used in a film, television show, trailer, or commercial.  Recently, I also realized that a good amount of my book reading selection has been based on whether or not there is a movie for it or a movie that is coming out that is based on it, but that is a whole other story for a whole other post.  

In any case, it is quite interesting how much a song can change meaning, for better or worse, after it has been attached to a particular scene in a film.  In some cases, (re: the O.C. example below) songs you would never find yourself listening to in your life become songs that urge you to upload the  “Music from the O.C.: Mix 2” CD you find at the public library. 

There’s an immense amount of power that is created when a song is attached to a scene.  Once the attachment is established, every time the song plays, you can only think of the part of the film it was in.  If films are two hour periods of escapism, then listening to a song after watching the film is a means to prolong that feeling through your own fruition.  By pressing Play, you are able to return to that happy or sad place of the film.

I’ve decided to start a regular series of mini-programs, showcasing some of these moments in film and television and comparing them to the available music video of the music artists performing the songs.  Enjoy!



Lars and the Real Girl

Talking Heads, “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” (from Stop Making Sense)

The O.C., Season 2

Dios Malos, “You’ve Got Me All Wrong” (live performance)


The Science of Sleep

The Velvet Underground, “After Hours” (fan video)



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