Cannes on the Small Screen

Posted in Uncategorized by Joie on May 20, 2008

Thanks to Youtube, some of the latest films from the first half of Cannes ’08 are now open to the non-journalist public eye, at least in their “trailer” form. Meg has already posted her bets, A Christmas Tale (w/French all-star cast) and Woody’s Vicky Christina Barcelona (w/much needed all-star cast).

Changeling aka The Exchange (dir. Clint Eastwood):  70s neo-noir with more maternal melodrama than Chinatown, Angelina already has dips on the Oscars noms.

Three Monkeys (dir. Nuri Ceylan Blige, or NBC for short): eagerly anticipated new film, with impressive cinematography and creepy imagery, luvs it.

Waltz with Bashir (dir: Ari Folman): This year’s Persepolis (and overall positive critical consensus)–personal memoirs, controversial war, and 80s dancing.

Gomorra (dir. Matteo Garrone) Move over FF Coppola, this is the Godfather made by Antonioni.

Two Lovers (dir. James Gray) After the dud that was We Own the Night, let’s see if Joaquin and Gwyneth can give Gray’s latest effort some genuine spark , plus who can say no to Isabella Rossellini.

Tokyo! (dir…look at each video for our eccentric TRIO): The perennial anthology love letter to one of the most photographic cities (and home to pale albino ghosts with scary long black hair)

Michel Gondry (spot his signature a mile away)

Leo Carax (love that sonic nod to Godzilla)

Boon Joon-ho (Is that The Host monster attacking their apartment?)

Tout est Parfait (dir. Yves Christian Fournier) Spoutblog Karina’s OUT OF COMPETITION recommendation, supposedly, the emotional soul to Gus Van Sant’s Paranoid Park (or any of his recent experiments), about finding love in the midst of mass suicide. Cute shoegaze song at the end. 😀


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